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Advent Calendar!

Last year, I made this advent calendar full of horsey craft ideas!

I made it a printable so you can print it out and make it yourself. Every day in December leading up to Christmas has a different challenge behind it, some quick, some bigger projects.

I think it might've disappeared in with the update of the site, so I'll repost it below!

CC Advent Calender 2020
Download PDF • 4.00MB

To make your advent calendar: 1. Click the link above to download it

2. Print out both pages (I suggest in A3)

3. (Optional) Stick the back page (white with small writing) on a sheet of cardboard.

4. Cut the flaps on the top (picture) sheet open, carefully, by cutting along the dotted lines (make sure to only cut 3 sides)

5. Stick your top sheet onto your bottom sheet, and blu-tack or glue stick the flaps down gently, so they can be lifted again.


I hope you find this a bit of fun, and make sure to post your creations in the forums!


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Prancing Pinto
Prancing Pinto
Nov 27, 2022


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