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Championship Photo Show 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Sorry for my inactivity lately, I have been doing a lot of study for my upcoming exams.

Now some of you might have been wondering, I have not forgotten about the Championship Photo Show for all of those who have qualified, and I have been doing a bit of thinking lately to figure out how it's going to work.

For those who don't know, the Championship Photo Show is a model horse photo show some members have gained access to by winning classes in past photo shows with the Crafter's Club. This will decide our ultimate champion for the year, and be a fun show with better prizes.

So, I have decided that we will run the show from Monday, 8th of November to Wednesday, 8th of December, and the winners will be awarded before Sunday, 12th of December. Prizes should be out before Christmas.

If you have qualified, please email me your access card (this should have been emailed to you as a PDF if you have qualified), or quote your access code in a email to me BEFORE the show starts.

(before Sunday, 7th of December 11:59) to show you are entering.

I have a record of all who have qualified, so if you have not qualified, but you enter anyway, your entry will be taken down

A section on the Photo Show forum will be put up on Monday the 8th of November, and anyone who has qualified and emailed me is free to add their entries.

Because of the smaller amount of people who are entering, there will be a reduced amount of classes, I will decide these this week.

And finally, prizes! I am yet to confirm the prizes, but there will potentially be a custom for the overall champion, and tack prizes for other winners, I'm not completely sure yet.

Now, that was a lot of information, so just to recap: -If you have qualified for the Champ show, email me your access card/code before 11:59pm next Sunday.

-The Champ Show will run from Monday, 8th of November to Wednesday, 8th of December.

-Show forums will be up on the Monday.

-Winners will be announced before Sunday, 12th of September.

-There will be less classes because of the reduced amount of people entering.

Thanks everyone, and feel free to comment any questions below or email me at


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