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The place to be for kids who love making gear for their model horses

welcome! have a look around!

The Crafter's Club is a club for kids who love horses and making things!

Get heaps of inspiration and how-to's for your craft here

about us

The Crafter's Club is the club for kids who love making stuff for their tiny plastic ponies! Here, you can access easy DIY tutorials to make things for your horses, a shop to buy model horse tack ,a blog full of model horse tips and ideas, forums to chat with like-minded people, and much much more.

As a member of the Crafter's Club, you can join in the forums, participate in photo shows get discounts at the shop!


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Acces easy tutorials on how to make all things model horse, from brushes to saddles to fences.

Buy beautiful, authentic model horse gear from our very own shop, including rugs and halters.

Understand how tack works to make your tack look better with our simple tack resources, Tack Explained.

Learn how to make your very own model horse tack with our easy tutorials

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