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2022 Photo Shows

Hi everyone,

Long time no post, sorry about that, I have been in contact with Alice and we agreed that I would run at least the first photo show this year. I have a couple of ideas that I will be introducing for this show and thought I would outline them here.

Firstly merit points.

Every photo you enter that includes handmade items will earn you merit points. This includes Tack, Props (jumps etc), customized horses and handmade/customised dolls. A photo can earn multiple merit points eg if you had a custom horse, with hand made tack and a hand made jump.

The shower with the most merit points across all of their entries will win a prize.

The idea behind this is to encourage all of you to use your own tack, and give making things ago.

The points will not be awarded based on the quality of the items, just solely them being present, of course, more realistic tack will help your photo place better in the overall standings but it doesn't have anything to do with merit points.

Secondly, Champions and Reserves will be awarded like in the other shows, (One for halter, one for performance and one for the creative classes)

but there will be two other prize-winning categories, One for a shower and one for a model.

The Champion Shower title will go to the PERSON whose entries place highest most frequently, This will be across all three types of classes.

The Champion model title will go to the HORSE who places the highest most frequently, This will just be across the performance and creative classes.

These will both also be judged on a points-based system, 1st will receive 3 points, 2nd; 2 points and 3rd; 1 point.

The shower/horse with the most points at the end of the show will be awarded the champion title.

The idea behind the Shower title is to encourage you to enter as many classes as possible and bring your top game, as it is not just one epic set-up to win a champion title but lot's of them.

The idea behind the horse title is to encourage you to use your imagination, how many classes can you get one model into?

For photo's that include more than one model, BOTH horses in the set-up will receive the points.

Lastly, if you would like me to 'judge' a photo before you upload it and give you some comments on what could be improved, feel free to email it to me,

The show will open in approximately a week, I will get dates out as soon as I make a firm decision.

That's it for now folks, there will be six prizes awarded at this show as well as qualifying for the champion show. Any questions feel free to comment on this post or email me.


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