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40hr Famine

Hey everyone,

This weekend I am doing the 40hr Famine, which is a fundraising cause where you go without something for 40 hours to raise money for children in Sub-Saharan Africa as we get closer to the oncoming Hunger Pandemic, caused by the fall-out from COVID-19.

This weekend, I am going to live out of a single backpack (food clothes and all) as my 40hr famine challenge, and would love your support!

Every dollar counts, just $6 can buy fast growing seeds, that will give a family nutritious vegetables to eat or sell at the market, so please give if you can! Even $1 can make a difference!

To up the stakes a little, there will be little mystery prize for every person who sponsors me at least $2 on my page. Just leave "your name from the Crafter's Club" in your message of support.

Everyone who sponsors me by 11:59pm on Sunday will get a prize :)

Here's the link to sponsor me:

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support, as every dollar counts!

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