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A little bit of this and that...

I've been doing a lot of different things this Labour Weekend, what have you guys been up to? Please comment below!

First off, I added more things to my tack room! I did the saddle racks... (following Desktop Stable's tutorial)

... and bridle hooks. Though I might add stoppers onto the end of the bridle hooks as the bridles keep falling off.

I think it's looking pretty cool, though quite empty in the middle. I was going to do the island bench today but it looks likes its about to rain. Oh well.

I said goodbye to my old tack room. Sad, but no regrets.

I look at it now and I'm like "gross!" xD

But it shows how far I've come, from hot glue and cardboard (still very useful) to PVA and wood

I also prepped everything ready for the fundraiser! Everything is going on sale on Sunday, 1st of November, so look out for that!

It was actually super satisfying wrapping everything xD

I also made some progress on the final repaint for the fundraiser....

And also made sure I filmed it ;) (this is my super high tech filming set up *cough* music stand and blu-tack wad*cough*)

Yep have a look into my room people xD Yes my walls are bright green.

Other random things, I added a couple of posters to my wash stall and tried making some bits (with no amazing success yet, but I'm getting there).

What have you all been up to this Labour Weekend?

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