Argo Stables goes to The Show!

Part 2 of our photostory series is here! This time, team Argo Stables goes to the local A&P Show.

(Please excuse my messy handwriting and bad printer quality, and sometimes the writing isn't in the expected place xD)

I hope you enjoy, and I'm sorry if things aren't completely accurate to real life.

If you have a photostory you would like to share, email it to me at

A few things I would like to say before I finish:

-There will not be a newsletter this week as my laptop is in being fixed (sorry if my emails have been slow this week)

-The shop will be taking a break from Friday the 11th of September (next Friday) to restock. IIt will probably be offline for a month or so, so if you have any urgent orders please get them in before then.

Have a great week!

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