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Autumn Photo Show Judging is Complete!

Hey everyone,

I can now say that the judging is complete for the Autumn Photo Show 2021 and the results have been posted! A big congratulations all our winners, and a massive thank you to everyone who entered, you all made it very hard to judge!

Please go check out your results in the forums, I have put comments on all 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings!

I will assign virtual badges to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings over the next few days. About the badges, I will reset all the badges after each show. (so people who currently have a badge will have that removed, sorry)

I will be emailing all our 1st place-getters with their access cards for the Championship show in the next couple of days. I have changed this from 1st and 2nd to just 1st place getters to make it a little harder to qualify for the show. At the moment I have found a lot of people have already qualified, so don't worry, if you didn't qualify this show, you have 2 more shows to have a go!

Another quick note: The was a little mishap with the Performance Western Class, resulting in it not being judged. This was an accident on my part, and there will definitely be a western performance class in future shows, sorry to everyone who entered.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shoutout to our show champions!


Champion: Emily with Joey (Heavy Breeds)

Reserve Champion: Theponypersonbeca with Little Treasure (Ponies)


Champion: Emily (English Flat)

Reserve Champion: SpunkyPony_01 (Trek/Trail Ride)

Creative Classes

Champion: Spunky_Pony01 (Stormy Skies)

Reserve Champion: Theponypersonbeca (Bad Performance)

Congrats to everyone!

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3 תגובות

tonto&kojak lover
tonto&kojak lover
13 באפר׳ 2021

great job everyone!

is the going to be a winter photo comp???


Spunky_Pony01 is my sister and she used MY schleich WITHOUT ASKING!!!


30 במרץ 2021

OMG!! Congrats to anyone who won a place, and if you didn't, good try!!! better luck next time!!

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