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Barn Raising Entries Close this Friday!

You have only days left to complete your entries for the Boredom Buster Barn Raising Competition! Get them in quick!

When you have completed your barn, please take photos or a video of it and send them to me at .

Entries close at 9:00pm on Friday the 17th of September, and the winner will be posted here on the blog on the 18th of September. They will also be emailed.

Depending on how many entries we get, I may award some highly commended prizes, so make sure to enter, as you'll be more likely to win a prize!

While we're on the subject, here's a little reminder of what the prize will be!

The grand prize will be a custom model designed by you, made by me, so make sure your build is awesome!

Best of luck everyone, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment :)

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