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Boredom Buster Barn Raising Challenge RESULTS!

It's time for the winner for the Boredom Buster Barn Raising Challenge to be announced!

Firstly I wanted to congratulate everyone on their effort, it was very hard to judge!

I loved all of your barns, and was very impressed with your creativity! I hope you all had heaps of fun, it sure looked like you did!

I also loved seeing so many of my tutorials put to use in your barns! It's good to see you enjoy them :)

I was so impressed that I am going to give everyone who entered a coupon for our very own shop! Keep an eye on your inbox for the code :)

Now, I won't keep you any longer!

Our winner is.....


I loved the creativity of this barn and the attention to detail, from the clever string hinges to the felt ribbons and posters. Great work Jesse-Rose! Congratulations, I will be in touch about your custom :)

I would also like to award a highly commended prize to Ruby!

This barn had so many rooms and stables, I was very impressed! I also loved all your details in the tack/feed room, and the very cute girl's room, not to mention the very sleek stables! I will be sending a few prizes your way!

Once again congratulations to all of your who entered, there were some very cool barns out there! I am thinking about making a video compiling all the entries to post on our YouTube channel, so watch out for that coming soon! (hopefully!)

Thanks everyone!


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