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Christmas For the Horses - The Plan

Hey everyone,

You might have read a while ago about the idea to as a club raise money for KHH, and I'd really like to try it. We have a few people that have already put their hands up to help, but it's not too late to sign up! So, here's all the details.

But, don't let that goal stop us- see if we can go higher!

(Sept- 16th Oct) People as a club will sign up to make things to sell in our Etsy shop. These could be model horse tack, custom ponies, sewn bags, masks, anything that is horse related and of a high standard.

(16th- 23rd Oct) Once these things have been made, everyone who has made something will send it to me. (We can pay back the shipping costs from our profits using internet banking, I'll have to finalize the details over that). Please note, things must be sent on time to be ready for sale in November.

(1st- 30th Nov) Then, for the whole of November, these things will be for sale, and anything that is sold in that month will go toward our goal (a dental visit for a kaimanawa).

Anything leftover after that will either continue to be for sale, and funds made from that transferred over to you, or will be sent back to you.

Now, once we've set our goal, I'm asking you guys to sign up to make things to sell. I know that everyone is busy at the moment, I am too, but it would be awesome if you could take a little time to do this. It will help our wild horses, and give you a good feeling too. Please go to a new page under Member's Pages called Project Christmas for the Ponies to sign up.

Feel free to comment or email me ( if you have any questions.

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poppie :D
poppie :D
Oct 01, 2020

Sounds epic! Im in!

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