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Crafty Christmas Countdown Tasks

For those of you who do not have a printer, here are the tasks from the Crafty Christmas Countdown. You do not have to do them in order, or do all of them, they are just ideas :)


1st. Draw a Christmas Pony

2nd. Design a new barn

3rd. Make some Christmas Wreaths for your models (

4th. Film a Christmas skit with your models

5th. Have a go at building your dream barn (re. Day 1)

6th. Design a Christmas Custom pony

7th. Make Christmas cards for your friends from your Christmas Pony drawing

8th. Make Santa Hats for your models (

9th. Continue building your dream barn (re. Day 5)

10th. Have a go at making your Christmas Custom pony

11th. Make a Christmas tree for your models

12th. Decorate your barn for Christmas

13th. Make a wish list of all the models you want

14th. Compliment someone's work on the Crafter's Club website. Spread some love!

15th. Make a model horse sleigh! (

16th. Take a super Christmasy photo of your models

17th. Take your own photos and make your own photostory!

18th. Make presents for your models

19th. Make a Christmas feast for your models

20th. Keep working on your Christmas Custom pony (re. Day 10)

21st. Make a Christmasy halter for one of your models

22nd. Set up your whole barn and film a tour!

23rd. Add finishing touches and accessories to your new barn (re. Day 9)

24th. Set your crafty goals for the new year

25th. Post a pic of your present haul from Christmas this year on the Crafter's Club NZ website.

Have fun! And remember to post your photos of what you get up to each day in the forums! (I will create a new section for the calendar ;))

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Jan 08, 2021

Can you guys tell me a few models cause I don't know any?


Huia ♡ Horses
Huia ♡ Horses
Dec 01, 2020

I'd love to try this because we havnt got an advent calendar this year! Also merry December everyone!🎅🎁🐴


Nov 30, 2020

Cool!!! Definitely will try!

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