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Diary of an English Bridle: Part Two.

The next phase of the bridle building is the cheekpieces.

This starts with the bit shanks.

Cheek pieces and buckles. I also add keepers to both of these pieces.

The next part I build is the cavason, starting with the flash attachment.

The main noseband and navy padding. I add buckles to both of these pieces using the same methods in part one.

This is where I got slack at taking photos, Everything is assembled and I have added a cavesson hanger.

And I have all the pieces in a very blurry image.

The last thing this bridle needs is reins, I decided to go the extra mile and make a laced pair.

This is where you really want a pair of tweezers, putting it all together.

And you have an English bridle, bear in mind this took me over four hours to make, and many years to gather the skills to do so. Out of interest, this is a vaguely similar bridle I made maybe two years ago now.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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