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Finally Finished, More Than Just a Harness.

On Jan 24 I said I was researching harnesses. In the 55 days between then and today I have been slowly chipping at this project. I have always wanted to make a harness right from when I started making tack. The main mental block for me was the cart. I sort of wanted to make them at the same time and I had no idea how to make a cart. I have tried many times and never gotten very far. Not this time.

Once the cart was finished I had momentum from here it was just (just, yeah right) skiving meters of leather, making buckles punching holes and thinking. Lots of thinking.

With 20 working buckles (15 with tounges, 5 without) I hope it will fit a number of my ponies. It's not perfect but I am very happy with how it has turned out.

What do you guys think?


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