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It's the Small Things That Count.

When it comes to performance photos showing the little details are what really makes an entry pop, so what are some little things that take a very small amount of effort to add to your entry?

I am only human and I don't know everything so if you feel something I have written in this post is inaccurate please tell me, I would love to know.

Let's look at jumpers first.

Here is a collection of showjumper (SJ) and cross-country (XC) horses.

The above slide show focuses on SJ, All photos are taken by me.

So what are we looking at?

Each and every horse was at least wearing boots on its front legs, Some also wore bell boots and boots on their hind legs.

Each horse also wore a breast collar/girth. The idea of this is to stop the saddle from sliding back when the horse is jumping.

Lastly about three quarters of the horses were wearing martingales, The idea of a martingale is to prevent the horse from throwing its head in the air and the rider losing control or getting smacked by the horse's face.

If it is wanted I am happy to put together some info on makeing breast collars and martingales making, There is pleanty of info on boots if you do a quick google search.plenty

XC horses are very much the same but with most riders using hind leg boots as well as front ones and while you might see a showjumper without a breastplate, you will have to look far and wide for an XC horse not wearing one.

Some other things you can add to your entry.

Numbers numbers everywhere.

Do your show jumps have numbers? What about that XC fence? Or your XC have they go their number bib on? Neat in scale numbers in the right place, are a tiny thing that can definitely boost your entry.

Flag your fences, while SJ fences should be flagless red and white flags on XC fences are a good idea.

Finally what about your rider, should they have a neck strap?

If you are displaying a low-level SJ OR any XC chances are, they should.

Another small detail is to give your rider crop whether they are pushing a lazy pony around a course or trying to keep a crazy horse inline, it might come in handy.

That's all for now, I will cover dressage and western work in another post.

Happy photo showing,


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