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Long Time, No Post.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything at all and so here is a couple of things I have made, an update on the horses and ponies of HRHC and a bit of an update on the prospect of some more photo shows.

For the months that I have been MIA I really have nothing to show for it.

Not quite true, I have made a bridle and I very nice bridle at that if I may say so myself…

I have also made a stablemate ear bonnet. I also found a pile of things that I have given up on in the past that may hopefully become finished tack one day.

There was a bit of time at the horse club when it felt like EVERYONE was isolating. In some was this was incredibly stressful when some awful weather hit at the same time. In other ways it was pretty amazing. I got to be Tink’s human for nearly 2 weeks.

She is such a fun, sweet pony.

So fun.

Eventually the weather did clear up and I even go a chance to ride. She is certainly alot more go than whoa so it was interesting. I ended up having my first trot (my idea) and canter (Tink’s idea) in more than three years. I was pretty rusty at the start but did find my grove eventually.

All the treat’s for Tinka.

Merlin is such a great little dude, I have been teaching him all manner of tricks and he loves it.

Alot have you have been asking about photo shows so that will be the last thing in this update. Alice and I have both been super flat out lately just trying to stay on top of life and haven’t had the time to put into running a good fair show however fingers crossed something will happen in the upcoming school holidays.

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