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My New Tack Room!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, school has kept me busy.

So, last weekend, I was inspired to update my tack room! I started drawing up some plans.

I thought I'd have bridle hangers, halter hooks, saddle racks, cubbies, shelves, desk, bit hooks, window and a cool rug storage system.

All that is left to do it build! I was really bad at taking photos as I went along, sorry guys.

I built my room, and then started on the cubbies.

I know the paintwork looks messy, but it'll get better as it fills up

Then, I made the shelves...

...and put them in place

Next I added the desk, shelf and strip for the bit hook (I know it's not straight and it annoys meeee)

Jump forward a few days, and I've added hooks, made my desk extend round the corner, added a chart and pinboard, and the picture for the window (and screwed up my paint even more arrgg)

And added hooks for my halters

Next, I've got to make my saddle racks and bridle hooks, which I'm going to made a bit more complex than just hooks. I'll keep you updated :)

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Oct 23, 2020

Cool! Looks amazing! 😊

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