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New Project Ponies!

Me and my friends all went through a horsey phase together...

And some of us never left it xD

One of my friends who gave up horses a few years ago has given me a few of her Schleich models :D I'm pretty stoked about getting free Scheich!

So here are my new ponies:

After some quick research, I discovered this is a Papo Alezan (?) Hanoverian Horse

And this one which I'm pretty stoked with

The retired Fell Pony mare! She's so pretty!!

I mean look at this tail <3

I think I'll try and customize both these two.

The fell pony will be easy- I'll give her a coat of primer and then go over her in black to make her look new again

The Hanoverian will be a bit tougher... I'm not fully happy with the body, the neck is quite thin compared to the body but I do like the plaits, so if I redo the neck I'll need to redo the plaits (which could be tricky). But I'll have to have a think about it.

What do you guys think? Who is your latest edition to the herd?

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Huia ♡ Horses
Huia ♡ Horses
Nov 07, 2020

I have the fell pony model! xD

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