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Photo Show Tips

Hey everyone, it's been so cool seeing heaps of entries into the Crafter's Club Winter Photo Show! I am so happy you guys are enjoying it.

I just wanted to give you guys some tips on photographing your model for the HALTER class- with examples this time. (I realised after I sent the newsletter that I did't include some example entries)


Ok, so first, we have a good entry

This is my entry to my first ever photo show with Model Horse Blab ( For this particular show, they liked you to have a show name and colour, but you didn't have to. The bare minimum was the breed, and that's what I did

Bay Lusitano Stallion

This is a pretty good entry as the judge can clearly see the horse, and it is taken at a straight side on angle. You can judge the conformation and condition of the model easily.


Now here's a not so great entry (also by me from my first photo show)

This one was not taken square to the ground, which makes the head and neck look out of proportion. I got marked down for that. Also, the green background makes everything look darker than it really is. This is also a very grainy photo.


And here's one I took just now to show you what NOT to do!

This photo does not show the horse side on, so the judge cannot assess the conformation very well at all. The background is also cluttered.


To finish off, one horse per photo please!

I know some of the entries I have received already don't comply with all these guidelines, but I will let them slip. But know if your entry isn't fully up to scratch, you will probably lose points for it.

For performance, the guidelines are a little looser, as the model is not being judged on condition and conformation. But, please make sure your photo is clear with a clutter-free background.

One last thing, please make sure you send all your entries in with your CLASS, horse's SHOW NAME and BREED.

As always, email me if you have any issues.


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Jul 14, 2020

somethings I have come across playing with my performance entries are

  1. Go deep into the aspect, also called degree of difficulty (read a good article on that ). Think If I was in this class what would I be doing what would my horse be doing it is helpful to watch a video of the class if you have not ridden one/watched one in real life.

  2. little things matter, Should your rider being carrying a crop? Is the model you have chosen right for the class? ie don't use a horse that is in a square halt in the middle of a showjumping round lol

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