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Photo Shows in 2021

Hello everyone! After our very successful Winter Photo Show in 2020, I am happy to announce 4 more photo shows this year!

[@Emily] and I will be running 4 shows this year, 3 seasonal shows (Autumn, Winter, Spring) and 1 Championship Show, the first of these kicking off in late February, early March.


The first 3 photo shows of the year will be normal photo shows, but the Championship Show will be a little different. The Championship Show will be a true show of champions, with access to participate being earnt through winning or coming second in the seasonal shows throughout the year.

PRIZES: As we will be having more shows in the year, it would be unrealistic to have the amount of prizes that we did at the last show. I have decided that for the 3 seasonal shows, the top Halter entry (over all of the Halter categories) the top Performance entry (over all of the top Performance categories) and the top Creative Class entry (over the 2 creative classes per show... more on that soon) will receive a prize. The top in each category will be chosen by the judge.

1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class for each show will receive a tag beside their name which will show when commenting in the forums. You may see that some people have them already. These will be cleared and reset for this year when the first show starts, so people's names aren't clogged.

CREATIVE CLASSES: A few new classes will be added this year.... introducing Creative Classes! In these classes (which will be under Performance Classes) , you will be given a prompt. Using the prompt, you have to create a scene that reflects that prompt. It is open for interpretation, and may be executed however you wish. These prompts will change with each show, so have fun with them! Remember, a prize will be awarded for the top Creative Class entry, and classes will be judged on creativity as well as details and execution. Have fun!

Keep a look out for tips and tricks about Photo Showing on the blog to make sure your entries are tip top! The first of these shows, the Autumn Photo Show will begin on Friday the 26th of February, so look out for that!

Feel free to ask any questions you have.

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I can't wait for this :D


Feb 17, 2021

Wow! I'll definitely enter!

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