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Rio Rondo!!

Hey everyone! You may have read my blog post here when I said I had ordered a bunch of stuff from Rio Rondo, and today it finally arrived!

I bought 2 colours of leather dye, lots of different types of leather, chamois, leather lace, western saddle trees and a bunch of hardware...

...including blanket hardware, halter squares, hooks, english and western stirrups and bits and silver and gold buckles! These are all so tiny, I might need to find some thinner ribbon! xD

In the leathers...

I got 2 cow leathers and 2 goat leathers, which should be interesting to try! I also got chamois which is so soft and velvety which you use for sheepskin linings on western saddles.

These western saddle trees are so perfect and tiny :DD

And lastly the leather dyes which I am so excited to try!

I will keep you posted on what I make with all this! This April is actually National Model Tack Month, which is very similar to NaMoPaiMo, but instead of painting a model, you make a piece of tack!

Also, a quick note, I am sorry that there has not been a newsletter in a while, I am working on it very slowly, and it should be out soonish..... we'll see.

Have a great weekend! Alice

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Wow this is awesome! Will any of the stuff you make be for sale?

Apr 12, 2021
Replying to

Hey Isabella, I could make something for sale if people would be willing to buy it! The thing is they would be a reasonable amount of money as the materials were expensive... so we’ll see


Apr 11, 2021

So exicting, can't wait to see what you make.


All that stuff looks amazing! I especially like the mini buckles.😀

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