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Summer Customizing Competition!

Thanks to Emily, this summer brings an exciting new customizing competition! Read on to find out more. (Note: I (Alice) am not running this competition, so if you have any questions, email Emily at

This competition is to create a model that matches the coloring and position to be best matched to a well know (or not so well known) horse like Valegro, Watch Me Move, Justify, Ruffin (Look any of those up if you don’t know them) but the point is for it to be matched in both the paint work and well know pose of that horse eg, Valegro performing the Pirouette, Watch Me Move soaring of a large fence.

If you have any questions about the rules and or the customising process Please ask.

Firstly you need to choose the horse you are going to represent and research them if you don’t know much about them. Then get to work on your model, be sure to take a “Before” picture. Once the model is done send the following details to me ( with:

· A “before” picture of the model before you started.

· A “after” picture of your finished model.

· A short description of the horse you chose to represent, Including but not limited to

· Their name, breed, gender and age.

· What discipline they excelled in.

· When and where they competed.

· Who rode them.

· Who owned them.

· Their biggest achievement.

· Why you put them in the position you did.

· One other fact about them.

The winning model will receive some of my tack (probably specific to the event it competes/competed in)


· You must be the one who paints and customises the model

· I will be the one judging the models please don’t complain if you don’t win I will be choosing the model I think best matches the horse it is trying to represent.

· Have Fun.

Stay of track with this rough timeframe:

-18th-25th of December: Plan your horse

-25th-8th of January: Customize your horse

-8th-22nd of January: Paint your horse

Entries are due in 26th of January, 9:00pm.

Email your finished entries to

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Dec 18, 2020

Hi Huias4 I will answer your question over in the forums


Huia ♡ Horses
Huia ♡ Horses
Dec 18, 2020

I'd love to enter this competition but I don't know what paints/primer to use! Is there any specific brand or type of paint and where do you get it? Please tell me!

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