Summer Show Champions.

Phew, I have finally judged all the classes I was planning on finishing last night but by the time I got home and had caught up on school work, I just needed some me time. But it's done now. So without further ado the champions.

Firstly the overall shower champion, remember this is the person with the most wins/placings across all classes.

One shower was far out in the lead for this title a massive congratulations to @nscallagher who finished with a massive 48 points.

The horse title went to @nscallagher's Warrior.

There were less than ten points between the top two in the Merit points standings but in the end, the honour goes to @horselover4ever.

On to the class champions.

Halter honours go to @BlueBlazeStud's Dominante XXIX.

Creative class honours go to @hudsymonkey's tiny trailer entry.

Performance honours go to @nscallagher's cross country entry.

Congratulations to everyone who placed, the entries were amazing and judging was so difficult. Could all of the champions please email me ( to claim their prizes.

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