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2022 Summer Photo Show.

Hi everyone,

The First Photo Show of 2022 will be starting soon.

It will be run just like all of the other shows, the classes will be posted in the competitions section of the forum. Upload your photo into the comments of the correct classes with the necessary information and you are entered.

Photo Info.

Please ensure halter photos are taken side on, level with the model and in focus.

Performance and creative classes are the same but there is a little more space to play with angles, the photo should still be taken level with the model (ie not from above) and be in focus.

The class list is as follows:




Light Breeds.

Sport Horses.

Drafts/Heavy Breeds.


If you need help deciding what breed to assign to your model feel free to contact me.


English Flat.

English Jumping.

Western (might be split depending on the number of entries.)

*Trail/Hacking/Casual Work

*Groundwork (This includes horsemanship, long reining, lunging, in-hand showing etc)

*Barn scene (This includes horses in paddock/stables, grooming/handling and travelling to shows)

Other (anything else not covered by the other classes such as endurance, CTR, and harness)

Creative Classes: (Intruprate however you would like)

Scale issues.

Out of This World.

Please note Performance classes marked with an asterisk (*) may be combined into the Other class depending on the number of entries (less than three and it will be added to others)


Prizes will be awarded to six people at this show. The three champions (one from each of the three classes, Halter, Performance, and CC) Then there will also be a prize for the Champion shower, Champion horse and the shower with the most Merit points. These are outlined with more information


Uploading will begin on Saturday night (the nineteenth), With the forums open no later than 6:30 PM.

Entries will then be open for two weeks (until 8 PM on Saturday, March 5th).

I will endeavour to then get entries judged as quickly as possible after that.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck


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